Safaris  &  Sojo​urns

From our roots as Sapphire Travel in 2004 "Travel by Travellers" has always been our slogan.  We know what we recommend because we have been there (or know an expert who has).  We've been professionally consulting and arranging travel for more than 25 years.

Custom travel may be creating an entirely unique itinerary for you or it could ultimately result in matching you with a prearranged tour or cruise -- the bottom line is that you get a trip that is right for you and gives you the best value for your budget.

A common misconception is that making your own travel arrangements via the internet is less expensive.  Perhaps if you are purchasing just an airline ticket or a hotel, that may be true.  But anything more complex like a vacation should not be.  We make sure that all the components are included and mesh together to meet your needs -- not what the impersonal internet wants to entice you to buy.  If you find a really good "deal" on the internet, you should always question "why?".  These bargains can be distressed merchandise that no one is buying -- why is that?  You can't rely on the internet to tell you -- it will show you photos from when everything was brand new, not necessarily what it looks like today.

Often the best price for a vacation comes from companies (tour operators) whose business is procuring the various components at volume discounts and passing on the savings.  Many of the better tour operators only sell through travel agents, they do not sell direct to the public nor on the internet.  Thus, if you are not using a Professional Travel Consultant you won't know if the internet price is the best or includes everything.  In most cases the tour operator provides a commission for us, thus making our services free to you.  And in the event something goes awry, we are here to help resolve the problem.

We believe in crafting the Best Value trip.  The lowest price is not necessarily the best price -- and we can explain why.  To quote Warren Buffet: "Price is what you pay; value is what you get".

Professional Travel Consultants are akin to using a CPA to prepare your taxes: saves time; cost effective; assures nothing is overlooked; someone knowledgeable to back you up if there is a problem.  Experience and ongoing education are essential.  Our expertise ranges from family vacations to crafting honeymoons and exotic sojourns.

So, let's get started.  Call us or send us an email and we can set up an appointment to chat and get to know you.